All carers’ votes matter!

The General Election is on 7 May 2015 and you need to be registered to be able to vote.

Find out how to register

It may be especially important for carers to consider registering for a postal vote, in case you can’t get to the polling station on election day. Some parties may offer a lift to the polling station if this would be easier for you — you don’t have to vote for the party who gives you a lift! Find out how to register for a postal vote.  Anyone can ask for a postal vote, you don’t need to give a reason.

If you aren’t sure who to vote for, you may want to ask candidates how they and their party will make sure they “Don’t forget about carers in 2015”. Carers Trust has 10 things we want candidates from all parties to commit to.

Remember that voting is one way to make sure that MPs don’t forget about carers in 2015!