Carers Voice

Our job is to help give carers who live in Bristol and South Gloucestershire a voice. We aim to give you the opportunity to tell us, and the organisations which affect your life, what you think about the services and support that you use.

This is your chance to change things by sharing your views, good ideas, experiences and concerns. There are a number of ways to get involved and have your say.

If you are a parent carer, and want to get your views heard, go to:
Bristol Parent Carers parent participation in Bristol
South Glos Parents and Carers parent participation in South Glos

Why your view is important
Your comments and views can influence how future services are developed, or how changes to existing services are made. These could have a major impact on your life and the life of the person you care for.

You might notice something that has been missed, or you might feel a particular service is brilliant, or perhaps not as good as it should be.

We work on a daily basis with the organisations responsible for the services that affect you – so have your say and get your voice heard!

Find out how to have your say in Bristol, South Glos or through national consultations, by using the menu at the top of this page.

Watch this film
It’s about Cynthia who is a carer representative for Bristol Parent Carers.

Cynthia’s story

Information in different formats
If you would like information on the Carers Voice pages in large print, Braille or audio, please do let us know.