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We provide telephone support to carers living in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Call CarersLine on: 0117 965 2200

Anyone could find themselves in the unexpected position of looking after someone close who has become suddenly ill or permanently disabled.

People who have cared over a long period of time, discover that the strain can take its toll. All carers at some point need information; need to talk to someone outside of the family; need help to gain a new perspective on their situation.

If you are a carer, CarersLine is there for you!  A trained and experienced adviser will answer your phone call. If we are talking to another carer, you can leave a message and we will phone you back as soon as we are free.

We make time for every caller and our role is to listen and try to answer your concerns. This could include financial issues; how to access a service; what your options are for taking a break; even legal questions.

Don’t keep those questions or worries to yourself – share them with us!

Call CarersLine on: 0117 965 2200

Case Studies

Mrs F phoned CarersLine because she was worried about new staff contracts being issued by her employer. Mrs F cares for her young adult daughter and her husband, both of whom are in receipt of a disability benefit, and the proposed new work patters would make it difficult for her to organise care arrangements. Mrs F was told by her manager that she cannot ask to stay on her current contract because she isn’t in receipt of Carers Allowance. The CarersLine worker advised Mrs F of her rights and together they drafted a letter for her to ‘request to work flexibly’ (in this case, keep to her present contract) under the Work and Families Act 2006. The letter also put right the manager’s misunderstanding regarding Carers Allowance.

Mr A phoned CarersLine for advice after reading about the service in the Sikh Council Newsletter. He provides 24-hour care for a relative and rang for benefit advice. The CarersLine worker gave information over the phone regarding entitlement and the application process. Mr A later rang to thank CarersLine for the information which had been enough to ensure a successful application for Disability Living Allowance with Carers Allowance to follow:

“Thank you for your help – I would definitely phone again if I had a problem.”

Vivian said that by the time she phoned CarersLine “I was so exasperated! Each time I thought I had things sorted out with my Mum, something else would go wrong”. Vivian was struggling to maintain a workable support package for her mum who has dementia. She didn’t feel that other family members, or even some professionals fully appreciated the difficulties she faced in trying to keep her mum well in her own home. CarersLine provided a listening ear and made a suggestion to improve communication with the care agency. She said afterwards:

“It was just nice to talk to someone who understands and the information you sent me about a visiting chiropodist was really useful.”