Get health issues checked out

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic you must continue to see your GP for health concerns, both for yourself and the person you care for. And be sure to go into hospital in the event of a health emergency, as you would normally.

Please remember the importance of looking after your own health and don’t delay seeking medical advice when needed. Emily Bowen, Consultant Geriatrician at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston

GP practices

GPs have moved to a system of telephone, video or online triage. And if you do need to visit a surgery, all practices are managing social distancing in waiting rooms and have separate areas for patients with symptoms of coronavirus. Patients must wear a mask unless they are exempt. All GPs are wearing masks, aprons and gloves. If there is any possibility of coronavirus, they will wear full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Dr Alison Bolam from NHS Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (BNSSG CCG) said:

We are still here and you must not hesitate to get in touch with your GP practice if you have concerns about your health. Whilst it is still important to maintain social distancing, it is also just as important to seek medical advice for any other illnesses or conditions.


You may have seen in the news that half the usual number of people are going to A&E since the Covid-19 breakout. Government guidance states that seeking medical help is one of the reasons people can safely leave home. In an emergency, you must not delay seeking medical treatment.


If referrals for your condition have paused you will receive advice about how to self-manage your condition in the meantime. However, if your condition significantly worsens, please contact your GP. If you are advised to go to hospital, it is important to go. Keep going to any appointments you usually have, unless you are told not to. If an appointment is cancelled or moved to telephone, you will receive a letter.

Get support

Our friendly Carers Liaison Workers are still able to support hospital discharge and provide a valuable way of communicating with health professionals if you or the person you care for is in the BRI, Southmead Hospital or South Bristol Community Hospital. Find out more.

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