Helping you stay in work

If you are in work, but need support to help you balance work and care, we can help with:

Specialist support

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Specialist support

We can help carers with:

  • onsite carers training detailing support services available
  • carers helpline and email service providing information, advice and signposting
  • one-to-one confidential support sessions and surgeries
  • access to carers passport documentation to record caring situation
  • carers advocacy within the workplace
  • access to local carers groups
  • telephone ‘check-in’ service

Through one-to-one  support we can help negotiate flexible working arrangements with employers, such as flexible start and finish times; reduced or annualised hours; term time working, job sharing and part time working; home working.

You may find these information sheets useful:





Carers ‘Telephone Check-in’ Service

If you worry about a loved one while you are at work, this could be a useful service. It is a free service where Carers Support Centre volunteers will call the person you care for while you are at work. They will check that the person is ok and then text you with an update. If the volunteer cannot make contact or has any concerns following the phone call, they will ring you as a matter of priority.

“I think this is a brilliant service to have available and I am sure it will be useful for other carers. I think it’s great for the person going to work and leaving a loved one, which for me made me feel really anxious at first. However knowing someone would be in touch if there was a problem was a real help, giving me peace of mind.”

“Please can you send my thanks to the volunteer who did a great job and thank you for organising it, I think the turning point in not feeling we needed the service any longer was when John was able to phone the care agency himself when a carer didn’t arrive one day, which put my mind at rest that he could sort out any problems like that himself.”

Check in Service Case Study
Alison works for a local NHS employer as a therapist 3 days per week. Her husband John aged 36 suffered a stroke in December leaving him with partial mobility and memory loss. After spending months in hospital in long term rehabilitation, John was given the all clear to return home.

Although John had a package of care in place with care workers visiting the home daily, Alison still felt anxious about leaving John whilst at work so registered for the telephone ‘Check-in’ Service on the days that she was in work.

Carers Support Centre set up a meeting with Alison, her husband and the volunteer who was allocated to make the ‘check-in’ telephone calls agreeing dates and times for John to be called. Our volunteer called John on a daily basis, 3 days per week checking his care workers had arrived and enquiring about his wellbeing. Upon ending the call our volunteer sent a text to Alison updating her on John’s wellbeing.

The check in service allowed Alison to be at work with peace of mind that someone was checking her husband was ok in her absence. Since using the service Alison has been able to focus better at work knowing that her husband was safe, and that she would be notified if there were any problems or concerns.  She said that she received less text messages from her husband during the day as a result of using the service.

National pilot project
This programme is part of a national pilot to support carers who are juggling work whilst caring. It is a partnership between Carers Support Centre with South Gloucestershire Council and the Clinical Commissioning Group. It is one of nine pilot sites in England trialing  support for carers in paid employment.


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