Have you been affected by cancer? South Bristol consultation

The Care Forum are working with Macmillan Cancer Support  to improve support for people living with cancer in South Bristol. Have you been a cancer carer in the past 8 years?

They want to speak to people about their experiences to find out how they get support, what works and where support is missing.

If cancer has affected you in any way while you were living in South Bristol, either personally or through supporting or caring for someone, they would be keen to speak to you. Any experience good or bad, from any point in the last 6 to 8 years, is welcome.

You can join one of the small online discussion groups or speak one-to-one with a member of their team. They also have an online form you can use to share your experiences. Or you can send an email.

You can find out more, or let the team know you would be interested in taking part by:

Calling on:  07756 796 886 or 0117 965 4444
Emailing Peter Clasby: peterclasby@thecareforum.org.uk