The Voice and Influence Partnership

Make sure your voice and the issues that matter to you and your community are part of Bristol’s future by signing up to the new Voice and Influence Partnership.

The Partnership has been created to help make sure that individuals, groups and communities whose voices aren’t always heard are listened to, and are part of shaping Bristol’s future. The partnership started in May 2018. It has been funded by Bristol City Council and brings together The Care Forum (TCF), Bristol Multi-Faith Forum (BMFF), Bristol Older People’s Forum (BOPF), LGBT Bristol, SARI, WECIL and BME Voice.

As a member you will be amongst the first to hear about ways to have your say on the big issues affecting Bristol.

Join for free today to:

  • Make sure your views and opinions are part of the decisions taken in Bristol that affect you and your community.
  • Get the opportunity to attend special events that address the questions that matter to you.
  • Be kept informed of how your contribution has impacted on decisions taken by Bristol City Council.
  • Receive regular newsletter and updates.

The Voice and Influence partnership is currently working with Bristol City Council on the Bristol Transport Strategy Consultation which runs from 24 September to 2 November.

You can take part in the consultation by following this link.

Your city

The Voice and Influence partnership has been set up to support people who live in the Bristol City area and:

  • are over 55
  • are a member of a faith group
  • identify as disabled
  • are from a minority ethnic group or
  • identify as LGBTQ or other.

If you don’t identify as part of one or more of these groups you can still join and receive the newsletter and updates on our work.

You can find out more about the project by visiting the Voice and Influence Partnership website or sign up and become a member today by following this link.

Have attitudes to dementia changed in the last few years?

Dementia Health Integration Team and University of the West of England are trying to find out how attitudes to dementia may have changed over the last few years, with a new Attitudes to Dementia survey.

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Older Men at the Margins Project

The ‘Older Men at the Margins Project’ is a 2-year Bristol University research project in collaboration with Age UK. The project seeks to identify ways of alleviating loneliness and reducing isolation for older men (65+) across marginalised groups including older men who are carers for significant others. The overarching aim is to develop an in-depth understanding of the ways in which marginalised groups of older men seek to maintain social engagement and social participation in later life and to learn more about their participation in groups and community networks. The project is based at the School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol.

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Bristol Assistive Technology Service

Bristol City Council are providing a new service called the Assistive Technology Service to support people with a learning disability and/or autism to live more independently with the help of assistive technology (AT). To deliver this the council will be working in partnership with WE care and Repair and Hft.

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New eligibility criteria for blue badge

The government has announced that the eligibility criteria for the blue badge scheme will be changing to include those with ‘hidden’ disabilities. This will benefit people who are autistic or have a learning disability, dementia or a mental illness.

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