Get active in Spring

Physical activity is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and helps with managing stress and anxiety as well as reducing loneliness and increasing feelings of positivity during daily life.

Every minute of physical activity counts to improve your health, and it’s never too late for you to start moving more.  

Like many areas of carers’ lives, there is a clear difference between the physical activity levels of carers and those without caring responsibilities, as carers face many barriers which prevent them from prioritising their own health and wellbeing. 

Carers Active April aims to redress the balance between carers and non-carers by offering activities specially tailored to help increase movement.

At Carers Support Centre, during Carers Active April we have our Walk and Talks for carers to stretch their legs and enjoy the company of other carers in the Great Outdoors.

On a Walk and Talk, Our friendly support worker leads group walks offering a listening ear and providing support to help carers in your caring role.

The Walk in Chipping Sodbury on April 11 is part of We Move More – a mass walk on this day to show solidarity and promote the importance of staying active. 

Join Carers UK on Friday 26 April for the 2024 Healthathon event, an inclusive and fun live virtual event which encourages unpaid carers to focus on their health and wellbeing.

The event enables carers to enjoy exploring different ways to support good health and wellbeing, build confidence, and increase motivation to continue to be active after the event.

Carers can drop in and out as suits and sessions will be recorded and shared after the event.

This year attendees can part in sessions including:

  • energising fitness
  • food for fuel – including a cooking demonstration
  • and dance!

There will also be the chance to connect with other carers during the event.

Bristol Walk Fest is hosting roughly 200 walks throughout May, featuring walks for all ages and levels of fitness.

You can use their walk finder to find walks in a particular date range or featuring particular key words, such as ‘carer’.

As well as May’s Walk Fest, they also have a great resource with information on local walks, tips for walking, joining a group and much more. 

If you’re looking to get more active in Spring, it’s also worth a visit to Carers UK’s Carers Active Hub. The Hub has loads of resources and support for carers to become more active, including: 

  • Physical activity and wellbeing videos – short video workouts and bitesize exercises
  • Health information – key recommendations and how to get started
  • Activity ideas – inspiration and resources to help carers find something they enjoy
  • Carers’ stories – carers share their experiences of getting active while caring
  • Expert advice – insight from health and social care professionals