Information for completion of Carers Card application

Who is an emergency contact?

We ask you to give details of 2 emergency contacts if you can. A contact is a person (not the carer themselves) who can be called in an emergency. They should be someone who may be able to take over some of the caring role for the person you care for.

The emergency contact is the person who will be contacted first. If you do not have any emergency contacts, you can still register for a Carers Emergency Card.

Who is a keyholder?

We ask you to give us details of 2 keyholders if you can. A keyholder is a person (other than you or your partner) who has a set of keys to the cared for person’s property and lives locally. This could be a neighbour, friend or relative at a different address.

In an emergency, the keyholder will only be asked to provide a key if access is required. They will not be expected to carry out any care unless you have told us they are also an emergency contact. We do require at least 1 local keyholder to process your card or you may want to consider having a key safe fitted.

What is a keysafe?

A keysafe is a small, secure box usually attached to the outside wall of a property – in this case the home of the person you care for. You can safely leave a spare set of keys in the key safe. A keysafe number is then used to gain access to the keys.

For security reasons, please do not write your keysafe number on this registration form.

After submitting your form, phone: 0117 958 9907 at Carers Support Centre, leaving your name and keysafe number only.