Please note: All our wellbeing services are delivered by phone and are unaffected by the coronavirus. They aim to give you emotional support and ‘me time’ and help you become more resilient. This is a difficult and testing time for carers. It helps to talk. Don’t bottle it up.

Counselling is sometimes called a ‘talking therapy’. A counsellor aims to provide you with a safe, independent and confidential space in which you can talk about your concerns, feel listened to, respected, understood and not feel judged.

Carers may have particular concerns or difficulties associated with their caring role, which can be very challenging. Such issues might include:

  • stress, anxiety or depression
  • loneliness or bereavement
  • feelings of isolation, loss, exhaustion, guilt or resentment
  • conflicting demands and emotions
  • changing relationships or roles

The counselling sessions are for discussing issues surrounding your current caring role. As this is a time-limited service it is not suitable for discussing deep seated issues such as trauma and abuse from the past. In these cases we would work with you to find more suitable help and support.

All counsellors are registered and qualified.  To use the service you must not currently be in receipt of counselling or psychotherapy services elsewhere.

Telephone counselling Service

This free counselling service is available for carers age 18 and over who live in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Carers can have up to six weekly sessions of counselling over the phone. This is a flexible service where we arrange a regular time to fit in with you. This could be during the day or evening on a weekday. All sessions are held at the same time each week.

If you live in Bristol or South Gloucestershire and are aged 18 or over contact:

Wendy Francis

Tel: 0117 9589989