Sitting service

We run a sitting service in South Gloucestershire only (due to availability of funding).

This is a free service, run with volunteers, who give carers a 2 or 3 hour break once a week. Our volunteers go through a robust recruitment and selection process and are often people who have been carers themselves. All volunteers are carefully matched with a family.

To find out more about our sitting service, or if you want to talk about becoming a volunteer, contact CarersLine.

One in a million!
Neil cares for his wife Susan who has dementia. Susan has some mobility issues and can have falls. She can also feel anxious and agitated if alone as she can’t remember where Neil has gone or when he might be coming back. They live together in sheltered accommodation and enjoy day trips out together when they can.

However, Neil has some health problems of his own and was starting to feel the pressure of his caring role. Some days Susan wouldn’t be well enough to get out of the house and take the bus to the nearest shop. Neil’s daughters help out but they are busy with their own families and work. If Susan is having a bad day Neil can’t leave the house.

Neil heard about the sitting service and we arranged a home assessment. A match was made with a sitter who lives close by.

Louise, the volunteer sitter, spends time with Susan weekly so that Neil can get out and do the shopping. Sometimes Louise and Susan stay in and sit and listen to music together. But often they go out and try something different like singing or learning to dance.

Neil said:

“Louise is one in a million. Susan gets on so well with her. I used to worry about Susan not getting out much, especially in winter. Now Louise is coming around I know they’ll go out if they get the chance.”