Checklist for health professionals

If you only have time to do one thing, print them off the carer information prescription below.

If you feel they are unlikely to seek help for themselves, refer or suggest the carer calls CarersLine on 0117 965 2200 or fill in the online contact form, for up to date information and advice on local services or emotional and practical support.

If you judge the carer’s needs as high risk and they care for an adult:

  • In Bristol, refer them to Adult Social Care:
    0117 922 2700
  • In South Gloucestershire, refer them to Adult Care Customer Services:
    01454 868 007
    SMS Text Service: 07950 080 111 Textphone: 01454 868 010
  • Or if they care for a child, refer them to the First Response Team (Bristol) on:
    0117 903 6444
  • In South Gloucestershire, refer them to the Access and Response Team (ART) on:
    01454 866 000 if out of hours please use 01454 615 165

3. Help the carer to recognise themselves as a carer. Tell them as a carer they:

  • should add themselves to your Practice Carer Register.
  • are eligible for a free flu injection each autumn.
  • can ask for flexible appointments at your surgery if caring prevents them from attending otherwise.
  • should keep a check on their health and wellbeing and make an appointment with their GP if they feel they are not coping or are unwell.
  • may be eligible for a Carers Assessment from their local authority.4. If the patient is/ is supported by a young carer, print them off a young carer practice leaflet below.