How to identify carers

GP surgeries are usually the first place that carers have contact with the NHS and staff are well placed to recognise that someone is, or is about to become, a carer.  With your help we hope to find ‘hidden carers’ and promote the uptake of the carer services available.

Good ways of identifying carers are:

Digital display
You can add your own practice details to this template for your digital display board. Please note: An updated version of the digital display is currently in development and will be added to the website at a later date.

Carers register

A carers’ register is a database which enables GP practices to identify carers and those being cared for. Use this template form to record details of carers and to get their consent to refer them to CarersLine, our support and advice line.

Display this leaflet in reception. It has a tear off slip which can be handed in to reception, so that a carer can be added to your carers register. You can order copies through one of our GP carer liaison workers.

Registers can be used to:

  • ensure that appointments are accessible to carers who would otherwise struggle to attend due to their caring role.
  • where appropriate, support the sharing of medical information of a cared for persons’ condition to allow the carer to effectively manage their health and social care needs at home.
  • provide effective information about and signposting to carers support services
    raise awareness with GP and practice staff that someone is a carer for consideration during consultations.
  • ensure that outpatient appointments and admission letters give information that the patient is a carer.

EMIS flowchart
Here at Carers Support Centre we aim to share good practice when working with carers.  Priory Road Surgery developed this excellent flowchart to help administrative staff understand the processes on EMIS to register a carer and record all pertinent information.  Please feel free to share this with your team.

Flu clinics
Flu clinics in GP practices provide a good way of identifying and supporting previously ‘hidden’ or unknown carers. Department of Health guidance has identified carers as a target group to receive the flu vaccination.