S. Glos Carers – help shape the plans for children with SEND

South Gloucestershire Council are consulting on their SEND strategy and they want to hear what carers have to say.

Adopting a co-design process, South Gloucestershire Council have talked with and listened to young people with SEND to help them develop a strategy that seeks to:

  • ensure that children and young people with SEND can take part in high-quality education with their peers,
  • allow children and young people with SEND to learn, have fun and feel a sense of belonging and inclusion in their local community,
  • give young people with SEND a voice so they feel heard and accepted, achieve what they want to, make good progress and take part in activities outside of education.

While the resulting strategy aims to reflect the views and priorities of young people, it also recognises the perspectives of parents and carers, teachers, health professionals and other practitioners. 

Now, through a consultation, the Council want to check they’ve heard you and understood your priorities.