Statement from Carers Support Centre in support of Black Lives Matter

The death of George Floyd on 25th May in Minneapolis has shocked and appalled people around the world. The Black Lives Matter campaign has rightly triggered organisations locally and nationally to examine how they are able to support people of colour in their own community.

Carers are often marginalised; one of the seldom heard groups, facing their own additional challenges are BAME carers. We recognise there is more we can do to amplify their voices, which have historically been and continue to be silenced.

We stand in solidarity with them; we want them to know they are valued, respected and important, but actions speak louder than words.

With momentum around the campaign building and protests hitting the headlines here in Bristol, the Black Lives Matter campaign aims to expose structural racism, that is no less evident here in the UK and which resonates worldwide.

Trustees, managers and staff at Carers Support Centre have been discussing how we are better able to support carers of colour in the services and support we provide. In doing this, we make the following commitments:

Carers Support Centre (CSC):

  • commits to continuing action to ensure that CSC spaces are inclusive of and safe for all our BAME carers in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.
  • commits to supporting BAME carers in conceiving of and implementing ideas that can drive change within our own service development.
  • commits to exploring and dismantling the barriers to participating in our services that face BAME carers.
  • commits to advocating for and modelling inclusive terminology and delivering content that supports our staff and service users in doing the same.
  • commits to seeking out and amplifying BAME voices through our participation and involvement work.


The Board of Trustees and Staff
Carers Support Centre, Bristol and South Gloucestershire

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