Carers Emergency Card

The Carers Emergency Card is a free service that can provide up to 72 hours of emergency support to the person cared for in the event of their carer having an accident or emergency.

Carers carry a card which shows their name and a unique identification number. If they have an accident or are taken seriously ill, anyone who finds them can call the emergency phone number on the front of the card. The emergency response team will then react to ensure the person cared for continues to receive the care they need.

Giving peace of mind

The service began in January 2007 and, since then, over 5300 cards have been issued.

A small card offering huge ‘peace of mind’ to carers as they go about their daily lives. 

“Carrying a Carers Emergency Card gives me great confidence, particularly when I’m out and about. I know that if something happened to me unexpectedly my son would be looked after.”

South Gloucestershire & Bristol cards
The cards look slightly different but the response in an emergency situation is the same for both.

South Gloucestershire cards are administered here at The Carers’ Support Centre. Apply for this card if the person you care for pays council tax to South Gloucestershire Council.

Bristol cards are administered by Bristol City Council’s Care Direct Team. Apply for this card if the person you care for pays council tax to Bristol Council.

For information on Carers Emergency Card Benefit Scheme click here.

Emergency Cards for Bristol and South Gloucestershire