Carers Emergency Card

Emergency cards

It’s never been more important to have a Carers Emergency Card. If you don’t have one, make sure you register for one now.

It is free to apply for a Carers Emergency Card.

Carers carry a card which shows their name, a unique identification number and an emergency phone number. If a carer has an accident/emergency or is taken seriously ill, then the card can be used to alert a 24 hour emergency call centre that the person they care for needs help. Steps are then taken to ensure the safety of the person cared for.

Carers who have a card can also use it for a variety of discounts.

Bristol cards are administered by Bristol City Council. Apply for this card if the person you care for pays council tax to Bristol City council.

Complete a Bristol Emergency Card form online

Download a printable Bristol Emergency Card form

Request a Bristol Carers Emergency Card form Care Direct at Bristol City Council: 0117 922 2700

South Gloucestershire cards are administered here at Carers Support Centre. Apply for this card if the person you care for pays council tax to South Gloucestershire Council.

Download a South Gloucestershire Carers Emergency Card form

Or if you are unable to print off a S. Glos Carers Emergency Card form, complete the boxes below and we will send you a form.

South Glos Carers Emergency Card Enquiry

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