Discounts for carers

We work with a range of organisations to offer discounts to carers who have a Carers Emergency Card. These are typically around 10 – 20% off and the number of discounts varies as new ones come in.

Carers Support Centre is most appreciative of discounts offered by individuals and organisations, but cannot endorse any of the services provided. Please check your own requirements are met on booking or taking up an offer.

  • remember to take your Carers Emergency Card with you.
  • we advise that you consider phoning in advance of your visit to clarify discounts as these can change from time to time.
  • check if you the person you care for needs to accompany you in order to receive a discount/benefit.
  • let us know if you are aware of any changes to the discounts/benefits or know of any additional ones.

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Page last updated 10.07.23