All carers are invited to our Carers Rights Day 2021 event

Carers Rights Day (25 November 2021) is a national event helping carers ‘know their rights’ and find out how to get the help and support they are entitled to. All Bristol and South Gloucestershire carers are warmly invited to our Carers Rights Day event.

Carers Rights Day Open Meeting

Thursday 25 November 2021
10am – 2.30pm
Vassall Centre (and online)

For the first time, Carers Support Centre will host a Carers Rights Day Open Meeting both in person and online. Our event at the Vassall Centre will give you the chance to mingle, chat and share food – as well as get information and support. Or, if you prefer you can also join us from your home via Zoom for an interactive online event.

To book your place – or register your interest in the online event – contact Dennis:

For more information CLICK HERE.

New carer awareness film

We will also be marking Carers Rights Day with the release of our new carer awareness film, generously funded by Bristol Charities. Featuring 4 local carers, the film aims to increase carer awareness and reach unidentified carers in GP practices. Cheralyn, Tony, Fanuel and Amanda share how they started caring, how they realised what they were doing was caring, and how receiving support improved their lives.

Our Health Team Manager, Richard Fox explains:
“Many people do not realise they are carers and that there is support for them. A big part of our job is to seek out ‘hidden carers’ to make them aware of our services, and to continually promote our services through health and social care professionals. After a challenging year, this film is a huge opportunity to raise awareness of carers in GP practices and beyond. Even more people have become carers since the pandemic, and we want to make sure as many carers as possible can get the help they need.”

The film will be on our website ready for Carers Rights Day.