Carers Open Meetings

Carers Rights Day 2021 | Raising awareness of the rights of unpaid carers
Thursday 25th November at the Vassall CentreZoom | 10AM – 2.30PM
Last updated: 13/10/2021

Organised by the Carers Support Centre these events are a great way to meet other carers in similar situations, have a say and take part in workshops. Our Carers Rights Day event this year will be held at the Vassall Centre giving you the chance to mingle, chat and share food – as well as get information and support. Or, if you prefer you can tune in and watch specific segments of the day from your home via Zoom.

To book your place – or register your interest in the online event please email:

Learn more about Carers UK’s Carers Rights Day.

Schedule for Meeting

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FAQ – Vassall Centre

  • What is the address?
    • The Vassall Centre, Gill Avenue, Bristol, BS16 2QQ

FAQ – Zoom

  • How do I attend the online meeting?
    • You will need to download the Zoom video application by clicking here. You can use it on a desktop, laptop, smart phone, or tablet device.
  • Will I need a webcam or microphone to participate?
    • For the information section of the meeting a webcam and microphone are completely optional. If you plan on taking part in the afternoon breakout room discussions, having a webcam and microphone will greatly improve your experience as these will be interactive.
  • I can’t find my Zoom confirmation email; can you resend it?
    • Yes, if you have successfully registered, Zoom will send you a confirmation email with a unique link that should not be shared. This link will help you get into the meetings when it goes live. If the confirmation email did not go into your inbox, please check your email spam folders too. We can also resend confirmation emails if you email