Carers Open Meetings

Carers Week 2021 | Caring and the pandemic
Thursday 10th June via Zoom | 10AM – 1PM
Last updated: 15/06/2021

Carers Support Centre (CSC) presents the latest national and local research which shows that the pandemic has aggravated the challenges that unpaid carers face every day, but also that many more people now value caring. Together we will reflect on what this means in terms of the support carers need in recovery from the pandemic and for social care provision centred on meeting the needs of carers and those they care for.

All carer attendees will also be entered into an email prize draw for four hampers donated by 3H, which contain ‘cooking vouchers, pamper items, baking, planting etc. inside’! Prizes will be sent out to four lucky winners in July. Update: All four carers of the 3H hamper draw have now been notified.

Schedule for Webinar

Morning Session (Information)

  • 10.00 AM 10.15 AM | Welcome and introduction 
    • Tim Poole – Chief Executive (Carers Support Centre)
    • Susy Giullari – Carers Policy, Engagement & Involvement Lead (Carers Support Centre)
  • 10.15 AM 10.25 AM | Carers Trust’s research on the impact of the pandemic on young and young adult carers, on adult social care reform, and an overview of the Health and Care White Paper
  • 10.25 AM 10.35 AM | Bristol older carers and the pandemic
    • Sonia Davies – Strategic Commissioning Manager (Bristol City Council)
  • 10.35 AM 10.45 AM | Carers’ experiences during the pandemic in South Gloucestershire
    • Emma Temple – Commissioning Officer – Carers (South Gloucestershire Council)
  • 10.45 AM 10.55 AM | Carers Support Centre hospital work to support carers needs during the pandemic
    • Judy Gowenlock – Health Team Training & Development Worker (Carers Support Centre)
  • 11.00 AM 11.45 AM | Q&A and close of webinar

Afternoon Session (Discussions)

  • 12.00 PM 13.00 PM | Carer-led discussions on the following topics:
    • What support do you need to readjust as we begin to come out of the pandemic?
    • What would improve your experience of hospitals during and after the pandemic?
    • If there was one thing that you could change about the current Government Health and Care White Paper, what would that be?


  • How do I attend the online webinar and workshops?
    • You will need to download the Zoom video application by clicking here. You can use it on a desktop PC, laptop computer, smart phone, or tablet device.
  • Will I need a webcam or microphone to participate?
    • For the webinar a webcam and microphone are completely optional. If you plan on taking part in the afternoon workshops however, having a webcam and microphone will greatly improve your experience as these will be more interactive.
  • I can’t find my Zoom confirmation email; can you resend it?
    • Yes, if you have successfully registered, Zoom will send you a confirmation email with a unique link that should not be shared. These links will help you get into the meetings when they go live on November 26th. If the confirmation email did not go into your inbox, please check your email spam folders too. We can also resend confirmation emails if you email Please note that the afternoon workshops have limited space and you will only receive a confirmation email if there is room.