Bristol City Council – Bristol’s Clean Air Zone launches November 28th

There’s only two months to go until Bristol’s Clean Air Zone launches on the 28th November.

A message from the Bristol City Council regarding the launch of the Bristol Clean Air Zone (CAZ).

“This is important step on our journey to cleaner air and creating a healthier future for everyone in Bristol. We need to reduce harmful pollution in the city and reach the legal limits set by government in the shortest time possible, but we also want to give those who need it, a bit more time to prepare. That could mean upgrading or changing a vehicle or trying out different and more sustainable ways to travel instead.

Bristol’s Clean Air Zone MiPermit application portal is now open which means anyone who is eligible can apply for a temporary exemption to the Clean Air Zone charge.

Check vehicles before applying for an exemption

Over 71% of vehicles are already compliant, so, many residents and businesses will not need a temporary exemption.

We urge people to check whether their vehicle will be charged using the government’s online vehicle checker before applying for an exemption.

Applying for a temporary exemption

Anyone who needs some extra time to replace or upgrade their vehicle can apply for a temporary exemption if:

  • they live within the Clean Air Zone
  • they work within the zone and earn less than £27,000 per year
  • they meet one of the exemption criteria (including blue badge holders)

Visit the Bristol City Council website for the full list of exemption criteria and other information such as how long the temporary exemptions will last.  If you need further support or have questions, please email

Apply soon

Bristol’s Clean Air Zone starts on Monday 28 November 2022.  Non-compliant vehicles will not be exempt from the Clean Air Zone charge until a temporary exemption application is approved.  Please allow plenty of time for applications to be processed.

For some exemptions, residents and Bristol-based businesses can apply for more than one vehicle but will need to apply for each vehicle separately.  Notification of the outcome of each application will arrive within 15 working days.

How will the blue badge exemption work?

Blue Badge holders making journeys in a vehicle registered at their address can apply for a temporary exemption until 31 March 2022 if the vehicle doesn’t meet the zone’s emission standards.

If you’re a Blue Badge holder making occasional journeys in a vehicle you don’t own, you can apply for daily exemptions from the zone charge. You can find out more about the eligibility criteria for blue badge holders on our website.

The Clean Air Zone is managed by cameras with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).  The ANPR system will recognise vehicles with approved exemption applications automatically.  Nothing needs to be displayed in the vehicle itself.

More about the Clean Air Zone

You can find out more about the Clean Air Zone on the Bristol City Council website including a map of the zone and an explanation of why we need one.

UPDATE 25/10/2022: If you want to know more about the Clean Air Zone Bristol City Council will be at Aldi on North Street, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 1JA to talk to people face-to-face from 11AM-3PM on Monday 31st October. CLICK HERE to see where else they will be.