Consultation: Online Safety

The Internet Safety Strategy looks at how the government can ensure vulnerable people are safe online.

The national consultation about this strategy covers various aspects of online safety including:

  • Fraud and older people
  • Support for parents and carers
  • Adults’ experience of online abuse &
  • Hate crimes against disabled people and other minority groups

View the consultation here.

The deadline for responding to this is midday on the 7th December 2017.

Consultation: South Gloucestershire Ageing Better Plan – 22/11/17

The aim of the Ageing Better Plan is to set out the guiding principles for all organisations working with older people in South Gloucestershire. The plan will set out South Gloucestershire Council’s priorities for the next 5 years and they would like everyone to contribute to it.

South Gloucestershire Council say about the plan, “The Ageing Better Plan brings together the outcomes and priorities that will guide our work to support older people (age 65+), the way we will measure our progress and how we will work to realise our ambitions. It is based on data, evidence and consultation with older people and wider partners across the area.”

There will be an event on Wednesday 22 November 2017, Yate Outdoor Sports Complex between 9.30am – 12.30pm.

You don’t have to book on to this – you can just turn up.

The consultation documents are available online here from your local South Gloucestershire library or One Stop Shop.

Consultation: Bristol ‘Tough Times, High Hopes’

Bristol City Council launched its ‘Tough Times, High Hopes’ consultation earlier this week. This consultation covers the 2018/19 budget, future savings proposals and draft Corporate Strategy 2018 – 2023. Next year, Bristol City Council aims to save around £52m. The consultation is open until Sunday 17th December.

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Consultation: Draft Accessibility Action Plan Event 13/11/17

The Department for Transport is running an event in Bristol at the Novotel Bristol Centre Hotel, Victoria Street, BS1 6HY from 11am – 3pm on Monday 13 November for interested parties to come and discuss the draft plan. The event is open to carers and disabled people. This is similar to the event that was held at The Vassall Centre in October, which a couple of our carer representatives attended.

A place can be booked via the Eventbrite site here.

The consultation document can be viewed here.

For more information please email:

Musculoskeletal Patient Involvement Workshop

Are you currently or have you used local Physiotherapy, Rheumatology, Podiatry, Orthopaedics, Pain Clinic Services in the last 2 years?

If the answer is ’Yes’, you might be interested in attending a workshop to help re-design the way patients access these services?

Please email: or call: 0117 947 4441 to find out more or book your place.

For more information please click here.

‘Get Involved’ Event: Thursday 16th November, 6-7.30PM

We are currently looking for more carers, or those that have recent experience of caring, who would like to be trustees or carer representatives.

Carers Support Centre – Bristol and South Gloucestershire (CSC) is a local independent charity that supports unpaid adult and young (children) carers and we are committed to being carer-led. This means that we want carers to be an integral part of our staff team, management and board of trustees.

In an increasingly challenging environment for carers, with social care and healthcare services facing difficult times, it is more important than ever that unpaid carers have an independent organisation to champion and support their needs.

Carer representatives have the opportunity to ensure that carer’s voices are heard by key decision makers both locally and nationally to make services work better for all carers. As a carer representative, you would be trained and supported to ‘get involved’ in a way that works best for you and your caring situation. For example; attending meetings, focus groups, providing feedback on consultations (either over the telephone or online). We work flexibly with carer representatives to find the best way of being involved that works for the individual, to ensure that the views of carers are heard by service providers.

We need your help to identify where we can make the most difference to carers’ lives and ensure that carer’s voices are heard.

Trustees are responsible for the governance of CSC and play a pivotal role in working alongside the Chief Executive and Senior Management team to ensure that that the organisation achieves its aims and objectives.

Trustees come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and you do not need to have been a trustee before in order to apply.

We would like to invite you to our ‘Get Involved’ event to meet some of our current trustees and carer representatives, find out what’s involved and how you can apply.

  • Thursday 16 November 6pm – 7.30pm
  • Carers Support Centre, The Vassall Centre, Gill Avenue, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 2QQ
  • All welcome – call 0117 939 2562 or email to book a place, or just turn up.

What level of commitment does being a Trustee or Carer Representative require?

There are a minimum of six trustee meetings a year with the possibility of some additional meetings. This commitment is likely to be a maximum of one day per month on average, dependent on the role.

Carer representatives normally attend around eight meetings a year which will need some preparation time too (with our support) before meetings. The time commitment is about half a day a month, dependent on the role.

We can also offer support and development opportunities in a range of skills for both Trustees and carer representatives.

Next steps

Please contact Keith Sinclair (Chief Executive Officer) email:  if you’d like to discuss the trustee role and/or receive an information pack, or Caroline McAleese (Carer Engagement and Involvement Lead) e-mail: if you are interested in the carer representative role.

Personal Budgets and Direct Payments – Guide to Personalisation in South Gloucestershire

South Gloucestershire has recently produced a guide to direct payments and personalisation. View the document here!

The guide includes information on what carers should be able to use their direct payments for:

Direct Payments for carers

A Carer’s Direct Payment is a sum of money provided from the council directly to a carer to enable them to have a fulfilling life outside of caring. This can be provided as a one off or ongoing payments.

The amount will depend on the carer’s assessed needs and the outcomes they wish to achieve. It must support you in your caring role and help to keep you well and healthy. For example:

  • To buy goods and services such as household items that can make caring easier
  • To pursue hobbies and leisure activities
  • Training to help you manage your caring role
  • There are a few things you cannot use Direct Payments for:
  • To pay yourself as a carer for the care you provide
  • Anything that is deemed to be illegal or if it does not keep you safe and well
  • Services of a personal care nature (e.g. bathing), respite care or replacement care (e.g. sitting service) for the person you care for. However it may be possible for a direct payment to be given to the service user to meet these needs.

Alongside other topics, direct payments will be discussed at our Carers Rights Day event on 24th November.

Would you like to help make decisions about the new Integrated Urgent Care Service?

Integrated Urgent Care includes provision of NHS 111, out-of-hours and urgent care services.

Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) plan to commission an Integrated Urgent Care (IUC) service for the residents of Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. As a key part of this process, they are looking for two or three people to join in the procurement decision making processes. This could be a great way to make sure that carers views are heard at this important stage of the process.

What you will receive

If you become a member of the procurement evaluation panel, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCGs will provide:

  • Expenses for travel in accordance with the CCGs’ policy for reimbursement of expenses for your involvement. You will need to check / be responsible to check if this impacts on means tested benefits you receive;
  • Support to carry out this role from a named member of the team;
  • Training with regards to procurement.

Who can get involved

BNSSG CCGs promote and support diversity and are committed to equality of opportunity for all. They particularly want to hear from people from black and minority ethnic communities and younger adults.

How to get involved

For further details, please go to the BNSSG website by early November.
This will take you to a page where you can express your interest in this role. If you have any further queries, please email with the heading Integrated Urgent Care Service Involvement.

Consultation: South Gloucestershire Council Ageing Better Plan

If you are an older person or caring for an older person in South Gloucestershire, make sure you have your input on the draft South Gloucestershire Council Ageing Better Plan. This sets out the outcomes and priorities that will guide South Gloucestershire Council’s work to support older people aged 65 and over. The draft plan also includes a section on carers. You can view the draft plan and respond to the consultation here.

The deadline is 12th January 2018.

Your Neighbourhood Consultation Report

The ‘Your Neighbourhood’ consultations were open between 13th June and 5th September, 2017 and comprised consultations on proposals for:

  • Bristol Community Links (day opportunities service)
  • Libraries
  • Public Toilets
  • School Crossing Patrols
  • Withdrawal of funding for Neighbourhood Partnerships

All of the above are relevant to carers, but in particular, the proposed changes to Bristol Community Links are likely to impact carers whose cared for attends Bristol Community Links Day Centres. There were 1607 responses to the Bristol Community Links consultation and of these, 84% agreed that the drop-in service should be maintained. 73% agreed that independent living should be a priority for the Bristol Community Links service and people responded to where they most thought additional drop-in services would be valuable. The highest number of requests for local drop-in services was in Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston, followed by Hartcliffe and Withywood. The survey asked respondents, “If we extend the opening hours, do you think that we should no longer provide transport automatically, but that it should be decided on an individual case by case basis”. 61% of those who responded, agreed that the transport to Bristol Community Links centres should be decided on an individual case by case basis. 15% disagreed and 24% weren’t sure.

The full report can be accessed here.

The consultation results, along with Bristol City Council’s Equalities Impact Assessments, will be taken into consideration in developing a set of final proposals.
The council’s decisions on these services will be made at public meetings of Cabinet later in 2017 or early 2018. These dates will be published as part of the Council’s forward plan here.

Young Minds Matter

Bristol Royal Hospital for Children is holding an event called Young Minds Matter on October 10, 6pm – 8.30pm.  Young Minds Matter is a new concept generated by young people, for young people to aid awareness, share experiences and promote positive mental health.

The event will take place during World Mental Health Day at the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

For more information on how to attend click here.

Consultation: Feed in your views on musculoskeletal services in Bristol and S.Glos

The Sustainable Transformation Partnership (STP) in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire are redesigning the musculoskeletal pathway and need your help to do this. The musculoskeletal pathway includes physiotherapy, rheumatology, orthopaedics, pain clinic, podiatry, plus the musculoskeletal assessment and treatment service. In partnership with South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, the STP are looking for the views of patients, public and interested parties to offer your views on what the high level design of the service will look like.

A workshop is being held on Tuesday 31 October, 10am – 1pm at the Vassall Centre, Bristol, BS16 2QQ. They are particularly looking for people that have experienced these services within the last two years. If you are interested in attending please contact

E-mail: or
Telephone: 0117 947 4441

Consultation: S. Glos Council Draft Adult Mental Health Strategy

South Gloucestershire Council want to hear carers’ views on their draft Adult Mental Health Strategy 2017 – 2022. Click here for more information. The deadline for responding is 6 October.

However if you miss the deadline or have further comments, there is an event for organisations and the public to have their say on Monday 23 October 10am-12pm at Yate Leisure Centre. Attending this would be a great opportunity to make sure that carers’ voices are heard. Book and view more about the event here:  If you plan to attend and would like some support preparing for the event, contact us here.

Consultation: Draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

The government requires that all Health and Wellbeing Boards produce an assessment of pharmaceutical services in its area at least every three years; the last pharmaceutical needs assessment for Bristol and South Glos took place in 2014.

Both Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council have drafted updated Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment documents and would like to hear carers’ views on pharmaceutical services in your area.

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Bristol Carers Open Meeting – September 20th

Do you care for a relative or friend in Bristol? If so, you are warmly invited to the next Bristol Carers Open meeting at the Vassall Centre.

Organised by the Carers Support Centre, these free events are the best place for carers to meet others in similar situations, hear about changes to services and support in Bristol and ask questions directly to health and social care service providers.

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Over the counter medicines consultation

Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) CCGs have recently published details of the local Operational Plan for 2017/18 describing how local health budgets totalling £1.15 billion will be spent in the year ahead, to meet the health needs of the local population of nearly one million people.

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