Have your say on Ageing Well

Have your say on ‘Ageing Well’ in the Innercity and East Bristol Locality. In Inner City and East Bristol locality, we are passionate about involving people who are closest to the problem in developing interventions.

We are keen for older people and their carers to get involved in developing the Ageing Well Program in Central and East Bristol.

Ageing Well’s goal is to provide better health and social care support for people 50+, enabling them to live independent and healthy lives for longer.

Our priorities are to provide more targeted and accessible health care support for people who are weaker, suffering from poor health and live in their own homes and improve health care for people in care homes.

Develop community based assets to reduce loneliness and isolation and champion a ‘need not age early ‘ approach. If you are interested, please get in touch with Susy Giullari, Carers Policy, Engagement & Involvement Lead: susyg@carerssupportcentre.org.uk or call her on: 07521 945 943.