Social groups for people with dementia and their carers in South Gloucestershire

Come along to three new social groups at Active Lifestyle Centres in Yate, Thornbury and Kingswood, especially for people with dementia, their carers, family and friends.

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South Gloucestershire Dementia Action Alliance Survey

The South Gloucestershire Dementia Action Alliance (SGDAA) has been working to make communities dementia friendly. This means places where those living with dementia and their carers/supporters feel respected, supported, understood, able to access services easily and be a part of their community.

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Have attitudes to dementia changed in the last few years?

Dementia Health Integration Team and University of the West of England are trying to find out how attitudes to dementia may have changed over the last few years, with a new Attitudes to Dementia survey.

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New eligibility criteria for blue badge

The government has announced that the eligibility criteria for the blue badge scheme will be changing to include those with ‘hidden’ disabilities. This will benefit people who are autistic or have a learning disability, dementia or a mental illness.

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Lancaster University Dementia Care Survey

Lancaster University is looking for people with previous or current experiences of caring for a person living with dementia. If this is the case for you, your perspectives could help them to identify outcomes that are important for people with dementia who live at home and establish which outcomes should be a priority.

In earlier phases of this study, Lancaster University identified 54 outcomes that are important to key stakeholders (including people living with dementia) and that are used in existing research.

Participation in this survey involves completing two surveys.

  • In the first survey you will be asked to rate how important each outcome is (from the perspective of a person living with dementia). The first survey will close on 8th January 2018.
  • In the second survey, you will be shown how others have scored each outcome and then asked to reconsider your initial rating. It is important to complete both surveys. The second survey will open in the mid to late January 2018.

As a token of appreciation you will be eligible to claim a £10 Amazon voucher from Lancaster University upon completion of both surveys.

Full details are available this information sheet.

If having read this, you are interested in taking part in this study please click on the survey link (now removed).

Lancaster University would like you to initially register using your full name and email address to help track completion of each round, and so they can send you a link to the second survey. Your responses will be anonymous. Upon registration, you will be allocated a unique identifier so that Lancaster University can process all data anonymously.

If you have any questions/ comments about the study /or what is involved, please contact:

Andrew Harding, Research Associate
Tel: 01524 592847

Marie Crane, Research Coordinator
Tel: 01524 592976