New safety wristband for people with dementia

A new tech wristband has been launched in Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire and Somerset to help improve the safety of people with dementia.

The band uses near field communication technology to store a small amount of information, including the name of the wearer, their date of birth and the area they live in. The wristband also stores the name and phone number of a contact that can be called should the wearer be found lost or in distress.

This information can be read by most new smartphones at a close distance – it uses the same technology that we use for contactless payment. This means that health professionals, emergency services workers and the general public can help to reunite wristband wearers with their carers.

Officers from Avon Fire and Rescue Service will be helping people who would like a wristband to get it set up. At the moment, this is a pilot scheme and there are 750 wristbands available across the area. If you are caring for someone with dementia and would like a wristband, get in touch with the Avon Fire and Rescue Service:
0117 926 2061 (you will need to leave a voicemail)
Or text ‘visit’ to 07507 319 694