South Gloucestershire Dementia Action Alliance Survey

The South Gloucestershire Dementia Action Alliance (SGDAA) has been working to make communities dementia friendly. This means places where those living with dementia and their carers/supporters feel respected, supported, understood, able to access services easily and be a part of their community.

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Bristol carers’ experiences of accessing GP services sought by Healthwatch Bristol

The Healthwatch Bristol survey will be open for 6 months with plans to speak to members of the public at selection of practices across the city. Healthwatch will analyse the results once the survey closes and present their findings in a report.

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Have attitudes to dementia changed in the last few years?

Dementia Health Integration Team and University of the West of England are trying to find out how attitudes to dementia may have changed over the last few years, with a new Attitudes to Dementia survey.

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Updated Proposals for Targeted Short Breaks for children with disabilities

Bristol City Council is consulting to help shape Targeted Short Breaks services for children with disabilities. They are planning their services and want to know what people think about what is working well and what could be better.

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Healthwatch Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Survey

Healthwatch would like to know about waiting times, standard of support and services, as well as ongoing support across the Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and B&NES areas.

The survey is open until 30 April and can be filled out online here:

The findings, comments and themes will be taken forward by Healthwatch Bristol to a meeting with senior CAMHS managers in May

South Gloucestershire Housing Survey: Housing needs for the over 55s

South Gloucestershire is faced with a growing ageing population over the next 5-20 years as life expectancy increases and people from the post-war ‘baby boom’ reach old age. The likelihood of being disabled and receiving care increases with age.

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Personal health budget holders invited to share their experiences

People currently in receipt of a personal health budgets or integrated personal budget (combining health and social care funding) will be able to share their experiences of a personal health budget in a survey being run by NHS England. Open until 31st April, all survey responses will be anonymised and used to help improve how personal health budgets are offered in England.

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Care Support Alliance Survey

Please help the Care and Support Alliance (CSA) in shaping their campaign targeting the Government for a properly funded social care system. The CSA want to hear from carers about your experiences of the social care system. Can you spare 15 minutes to fill in their survey? It will help shape the CSA’s campaign and ensure your voice as a carer is part of the social care reforms.

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Consultation: Deadline for responding to Talking Therapies extended

As some of you will be aware, BNSSG (Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire) Clinical Commissioning Groups are re-designing and re-commissioning talking therapies services. This includes counselling, CBT and group therapy.

Have you accessed talking therapies? Has the person that you care for accessed them? Do you have any views that you would like to feed in?

The deadline for filling out the online survey has now been extended until 15th February.

You can fill this out by clicking here!

Focus Groups for Carers on Talking Therapies

Talking therapies services (otherwise known as Improving Access to Psychological Therapies – IAPT) are being recommissioned and redesigned in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.  IAPT services provide support for adults who are experiencing low mood, anxiety and depression, stress, excessive worry or difficulties controlling emotions. These therapies are sometimes known as ‘talking therapies’.  Typical treatments include cognitive behavioural therapies, mindfulness, counselling, couples therapies, psychodynamic therapy, psychosexual therapy, and group-based support.

We’d like to invite you to attend a focus group so that we can make sure that your views on how these services could be improved, what should be included in the redesign and also, any positive experiences that you or the person you care for have experienced (if any) around talking therapies.

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