Expert service for carers looking for later life care 

Thinking about later life care for yourself or a loved one? 

Endorsed by the Carers Trust, insurance giant Legal and General has a comprehensive information service on later life care – Care Concierge. 

What is Care Concierge? 

Care Concierge is a confidential telephone advisory service that can help you understand and find later life care.  

How does Care Concierge work?

 You can have a Care Concierge initial telephone consultation free of charge. After your free telephone consultation, there is no need to go ahead with further paid for services afterwards if you do not wish.  

The free telephone consultation with care experts will cover any straightforward care questions you might have. You can also get an assessment as to whether you are entitled to any state funding for care. 

Paid for Care Concierge services 

If you do want more from Care Concierge, various levels of paid for services are on offer: 

  • Guidance (£60) – As well as your initial consultation, you get more detailed information and guidance about your care options. 
  • Research (£300) – As well as having access to the Guidance service, the research level can help with availability and pricing information of care providers in your area.  
  • Liaison (£600) – Guidance and Research services plus Care Concierge’s experts acting on your behalf to talk with health and social care professionals or negotiate the best care rates. 

Next Steps 

If you’re interested in accessing the free Care Concierge package or want to find out more about the service, contact Legal and General: