Support in hospitals

Carers Support Centre has a team of Hospital Carer Liaison Workers who work at the BRI, Southmead Hospital and South Bristol Community Hospital. They provide one-to-one support for carers whilst they, or the person they care for, are in hospital.

Our health team liaison workers are continuing to provide advice, information and support to carers in hospitals, and to hospital practice staff.

We are providing one-to-one support to carers remotely, via telephone and skype. This includes helping carers access appropriate children or adult care services, carrying out benefits checks, undertaking carers assessments, and giving emotional support and advice.

Although we can’t work on hospital wards, we are still able to support hospital discharge and provide a valuable way of communicating with health professionals if the person you care for is in hospital.

Online carers hospital café

In addition, we have set up an online carers hospital café which takes place every 2 weeks, on Wednesday afternoons between 2 and 3pm. This is for carers who are looking after somebody who is an in-patient in hospital, where you can raise concerns, ask questions and get information. For more details contact Judy or Sam.

Contact us

Sam Radford (Southmead)
07557 418 692

Tracey Lathrope (BRI)
07557 441 613

Angela Robinson (BRI & South Bristol Community Hospital)
07917 880 375

Judy Gowenlock
07729 737 698

We can be contacted by using the contact form, or by telephone:

  • BRI: Tracey Lathrope 07557 441 613 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • Southmead Hospital: Sam Radford 0755 741 8692 (Monday-Wednesday)
  • South Bristol Community Hospital: Angela Robinson 07917 880 375 (Wednesday – Friday)

Download our Carers Liaison service leaflet

Going into hospital
See our advice section on Going into Hospital, which includes information about the support you can get in hospital as a carer.