How we work with GP practices

About our service

Our GP Carer Liaison Workers deliver: 

The GP Carer Awards Programme  

The awards programme is an opportunity for GP practices in Bristol and South Gloucestershire to work with the Carers Support Centre to look at how carer and dementia friendly your GP surgery is. 

Carers Surgeries 

Carer Surgeries are monthly one-to-one information, advice and support clinics for carers, provided by our Carers Support Officers. 

You provide the room and we work together to identify carers within your practice who could benefit from the service. 

At a Carers Surgery, we provide: 

  • support to access appropriate children or adult care services 
  • Carer’s Assessments 
  • disability and benefits checks 
  • links to appropriate emotional support 
  • information on the Carers Emergency Card scheme 
  • advice about employment 
  • a chance to talk about how caring is affecting them 
  • recognition as an equal partner in the care of their card for 

Carer’s Assessments for patients who are carers 

Carer’s Assessments look at how caring affects a carer’s life, and whether support is needed to manage the caring role and well-being. 

Carer awareness training 

We can provide training for your staff on identifying and working with carers within your practice. 

Information materials for carers 

Leaflets, posters, websites and other information for your practice leaflet, websites and digital display screen info.  

Help to identify carers 

GP surgeries are usually the first place that carers have contact with the NHS and staff are well placed to recognise that someone is, or is about to become, a carer. 

Working with you, we want to find ‘hidden carers’ and promote the uptake of the services available to them. 

Best practice resources for your work with carers 

A range of resources to help you help carers in your practice. 

Get in touch 

Contact our GP practice team via CarersLine: 

If you need our help or want more information, please get in touch with our GP Carer Liaison Workers team via CarersLine.

CarersLine is open:

Monday to Friday: 10 am – 1 pm
Monday to Thursday: 2 pm – 4 pm
(Closed on Bank Holidays)

0117 965 2200

An answerphone operates outside of these hours and your call will be returned when the helpline next opens.

Alternatively, use our contact form to receive a personal reply the same or the next working day.

Resources for you

Carer’s Registration Document

A form to register as a carer with your practice.  

Information materials for carers  

Support for carers in hospital and GP practices 

Describes the services provided to carers by Carers Support Centre. 

Carer Information Prescription Leaflet 

Seven steps for carers to ensure they’re getting the help and support they are entitled to. 

GP surgery booklet example for Bristol 

Template leaflet for Carers attending GP practices in Bristol. 

GP surgery booklet example for S Glos 

Template leaflet for Carers attending GP practices in South Gloucestershire. 

GP leaflet with registration form 

Information about the work of Carers Support Centre and a form for registering with your practice as a carer. 

Digital Display Presentation 

Template – Information for carers on support services for your digital display. 

Young Carer Practice Leaflet 

Information for young carers on the help and support available to them. 

Information in community languages


General information on being a carer in Arabic with an English translation. 

Traditional Chinese 

General information on being a carer in Traditional Chinese with an English translation. 

Simplified Chinese 

General information on being a carer in Simplified Chinese with an English translation. 


General information on being a carer in Somali with an English translation. 


General information on being a carer in Somali with an English translation. 

Best Practice 

Flowchart for Identification and Administration 

Priory Road Surgery developed this excellent flowchart to help administrative staff understand the processes on EMIS to register a carer and record all pertinent information. 

Supporting Young Carers 

Top 10 tips for supporting young carers in GP surgeries.

End of life 

Our experience suggests that carers are often left out of end-of-life care discussions, despite their involvement on a day-to-day level. We have produced two checklists, one for carers and one for GPs, to make sure that carers have the information they need. They are designed to be used together. 

The carers’ checklist includes, for example, talking to the person they care for about the care they would like; and knowing where they would like to be when they die. The GPs’ checklist includes prompts to make sure carers understand what is happening and what to expect; and to signpost them to organisations who can give support. 

Carer’s checklist for end-of-life care 

GP checklist for end-of-life care 

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