S. Glos Consultation: Adult Social Care Fees & Charges

South Gloucestershire Council’s Adult Social Care Fees and Charging Policy Consultation is now live. The consultation will end on Tuesday 17th March 2020.

The Council is considering potential changes to the charges paid by people newly accessing the care system, who fully fund their own social care in the district, those with more than £23,250 in savings.

There would be no changes to the eligibility for care support; the changes would not impact someone living in a care home; and those who are already receiving a care support package will continue to do so under the existing arrangements.

The changes would replace three existing price bands for day care with a single cost and introduce an arrangement fee and annual charge for those who are able to arrange their own care, but who request that the council does this for them.

The council already provides information about support for people in their own homes, known as ‘domiciliary care’, as well as the drop-in and day-care support available; and an increasing number of residents and their families are choosing to use that information to make their own arrangements.

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