Carers Week 2021 Summary Report

Carers Week 2021 | June 10th, 2021
Caring and the pandemic – Summary Report

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Carers led group discussions

Group 1) What support do you need to readjust as we begin to come out of the pandemic?
Facilitated by Emma Temple South Gloucestershire Council Commissioning Officer – Carers

Support NeededWhy?Suggestions
Breaks!!Not had one since 2019!!– Respite care
– Face to face support groups
Gradual safe transition back to normalVery concerned that many do not follow guidelines. Need reassurance that services/businesses are going to be covid-safe– Temperature checks
– Badge: “I have been shielding, please give me space while I adjust”
– Confidence boosting
– How to prepare the cared for back to normal
– Overcoming anxiety strategies
Want to go back to normal but news is still scary
Very aware that the person being cared for is not prepared for going out there at all.
– Coping with change training
Comprehensive Information on support available for carersMany new carers due to the pandemic.
Services might have changed.
Forgot what is out there.
Big information boost events, social media etc, GP surgeries etc.
More activities for the cared forDuring the last 15 months it has been all down to the carer which has been intense for their relationship.

Group 2) What would improve your experience of hospitals during and after the pandemic?
Facilitated by Judy Gowenlock Health Team Training and Development Worker Carers Support Centre

Consistent respect and listening to carers as expert partner in careStill too much inconsistency:
– Some staff listen, some don’t even ask if I am a carer
– Across wards
Clearer consistent communication
Consultation over discharge– Accurate paperwork
– Clear discharge letter
Less frequent admissionFrequent admission means constant changes for carers to manage
Stop one visitor limitToo much burden on the carer
More training on using equipment

Group 3) If there was one thing that you could change about the current Government Health and Care White Paper, what would that be?
Facilitated by Ramzi Suleiman Carers Trust Policy and Campaigns Officer

Issues and question raised/discussed

  • Locally the issue is that there are lots of hidden carers. How do we reach them? What are their issues? For example: Bristol City Council estimates that the number of carers since the pandemic has increased to 48,000 and out of those, they are in contact with 17,000 carers, through various commissioned providers.
  • The White Paper focus is further integration of health and social care and public/community and commissioned private providers, charities.
    • Carers commented that better integration is definitely still needed, and one that identifies and sees carers as expert partners.
    • Do organisations actually speak to each other? Carer Support Centre Carer Reps and staff are active in partnership board with a mixture of organisations, charities and statutory bodies representatives. We are always looking for Carers Reps that want to have a say in these partnerships/boards. Please get in touch with Susy for further information
    • Single point of contact for carers would be very useful.
  • Carers Trust is lobbying for the NHS to have a duty to identify carers. No mention of carers in this White Paper.
    • Carer: Can we lobby our local MPs? MP’s surgery? Yes this is something we can do. Please get in touch.
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) do not have a duty to involve carers.
  • The pandemic has had a really big impact on social care budgets. Need to be aware of this when proposing solutions.

This summary was put together Susy Giullari, Carers Policy, Engagement & Involvement Lead for the Carers Support Centre. Please do let me know of any inaccuracy and most of all do get in touch if you want to work with us to share your ideas and experiences and help us change support for carers and make carers visible.

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Last updated: 27/07/2021