Extended hours GP services are changing

The way Extended Hours GP services are delivered is changing. Extended hours are where GP provide pre-bookable and same-day appointments in the evening after 6.30PM and at weekends, although not necessarily at patient’s own practice.

These changes aim to improve access to GP services, make out of hours services provided by GPs more consistent across the country, more accessible to people who need them and more integrated with other health services.

NHS England and NHS Improvement, the organisation that runs the NHS, want to hear from unpaid carers about these changes.

Carers are invited to take part in a Patient Engagement Workshop being held virtually by NHS England and NHS Improvement – Central on 17th June 2021, 10AM – 2PM.  

At the workshop, NHS England wants to:

  • Share their thinking so far
  • Listen and learn from patient and the public’s experiences of access to general practice services, exploring:
    • What are your preferences for access to general practice services in extended hours?
    • How do they make sure information about how to access GP services is understood
    • Do preferences differ by patient group and what are the implications of that?

Unpaid carers are both patients in their own right as well as often being the person who arranges medical appointments for the person or people they care for. It’s really important that NHS England hear from unpaid carers about their experiences with extended hours care and how they’d like it to change.

Please email erika.sutcliffe@nhs.net and Ramzi Suleiman rsuleiman@carers.org to confirm your attendance and NHS England will send you an invitation link. Ramzi Suleiman from Carers Trust (a national organisation we are partners with) is happy to talk to you before the workshop if you have any questions.