Free training for carers

Our training courses and workshops are free to carers and are designed to help support you in your caring role.

First Aid

Would you like to learn some simple first aid or refresh your skills? This free first aid workshop covers scenarios including what to do if someone is choking, unconscious or bleeding, and how to treat a burn or fracture. It will also help carers spot the warning signs of a heart attack or stroke, and give them the tools to step in and act. Kathryn Clements from British Red Cross, says: “You can learn some very simple first aid techniques in just two hours. Carers go away with the basic life-saving skills we all need in our daily lives, and the confidence to put them into practice. It could make all the difference in an emergency.”

Tuesday 17th July 1.30–3.30pm, North Bristol

Caring for the Carer

Are you so busy looking after the person you care for that you have little to no time for yourself? Do you make sure you take some time out for yourself and would like to see how you could utilise this time?

As a carer it is important to look after yourself so you can look after the person you care for. Come along to this 2 hour workshop to have some time for you and learn some techniques you can use for you and possibly the person you care for. This is a great opportunity to meet other carers and find out how simple relaxation techniques can fit into your already busy life.

Friday 10th August 10am–12pm, Fishponds


For further information and booking please use the online contact form or call Pauline Edwards-Samuels or Elena Packham on 0117 958 9988.

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