Join a WECIL parent carers focus group

WECIL (West of England Centre for Inclusive Living) has an exciting opportunity for parent carers to be involved in a focus group.

The purpose of these groups is to discuss the challenges faced by families with disabled children and young people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The focus groups follow on from a parent carer survey. This is a chance to share your experiences and suggest solutions directly to those who can make changes.

WECIL has separate focus groups for different local authorities, but there are 4 groups for Bristol as this was the area they got the most survey responses from.

The first meeting is 22 February 2021.

You can book your space on a focus group on the WECIL website.

Please note: there are limited spaces available an each focus group date.

If you are a parent carer and would like some practical help or support, visit our parent carers webpage.