National State of Caring & Short Breaks Survey

Dear Carers, please find links below for two important surveys for you to fill out.

The first is a national survey called State of Survey, which is sent out annually by Carers UK. Some of you may have filled this out before. It covers a wide range of issues affecting carers, mostly around health and social care. This will enable Carers UK to lobby for changes at a national policy level.

The second, is a local survey for carers in Bristol and South Gloucestershire, and focuses specifically on carers breaks. Through our support of carers, Carers Support Centre is aware that there are many barriers and obstacles that carers face when trying to take a much needed break from their caring role. We’re trying to gather more information about this and would really appreciate your help with this. This information will be extremely valuable to help us to make recommendations on how short breaks services can be improved. The deadline to fill this out is Friday 8th June.

It should take up to five minutes to fill out each survey (ten minutes in total). If you need help filling the survey out, please do let us know. Please see links below:

National State of Caring Survey: Click here

Short Breaks Survey for Carers in South Gloucestershire and Bristol: Click here