South Gloucestershire Council Consultation: Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for Taxis

South Gloucestershire Council are consulting on a proposal to publish a list of all licensed taxis. The idea is to provide users of the licensed taxi and private hire service in South Gloucestershire with as much information as they can to enable an informed decision on how best to travel.

Consultation on the Council’s proposal for:

  1. A specification for Wheelchair Accessible Taxis
  2. The proposal to publish a list of all licensed vehicles

The proposal is therefore to publish the following details of all licensed vehicles on the website:

  1. make and model of the vehicle,
  2. whether taxi or private hire vehicle,
  3. the name of operator.
  4. contact details
  5. information about the size and weight of wheelchair that can be accommodated, and
  6. whether wheelchairs that are larger than a “reference wheelchair” can be accommodated
  7. Generic photos of the type of vehicle may also be included

The Council is also consulting on a specification for wheelchair accessible vehicles. Statutory guidance states that a vehicle should only be included in the authority’s list of wheelchair accessible vehicles if it would be possible for the user of a “reference wheelchair” to enter, leave and travel in the passenger compartment in safety and reasonable comfort whilst seated in their wheelchair. The definition of “reference wheelchair” is set out in detail in the specification.

The consultation runs from 16 September – 8 December 2019.

You can respond to this consultation in the following ways:

This consultation has now closed.