Young Carers Action Day – Watch our short film

Young Carers Action Day is next Tuesday, 16 March!

This year, young carers want to highlight the incredible skills they have developed through caring – like resilience, time-management and empathy.

We are excited to share with you our film, produced in collaboration with 3 young adult carers. In the film, Abby, Kai and Carina talk about the skills they have gained from caring and how they have achieved their ambitions.

3 ways you can support Young Carers Action Day:

  1. Share our film with your friends, family or colleagues.
  2. Check whether your local school is part of the Young Carers in Schools programme. If they are not, ask them to get in touch with us.
  3. Sign this petition: Make it law for schools to support young carers. Created by Young Carers National Voice, it calls for the government to require every school to have a Designated Young Carers Lead to support young carers.

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