Carers vaccine eligibility has been extended

The Standing Operating Procedure for the vaccination of carers has now been published.

The definition of a carer who is eligible for a vaccine has been expanded to include more carers. Eligibility has now been extended to:

  • those in receipt of or entitled to a carer’s allowance
  • those known to GPs who have a ‘carer’s flag’ on their primary care record
  • those known to Local Authorities who are in receipt of support following a carer’s assessment
  • those known to local carers organisations to be actively receiving care and support.

Some examples which are provided in the SOP are:

  • Someone who cares for a person who is within JCVI priority cohorts 1-6, provides close personal care or is the sole or primary carer.
  • An adult family member or friend providing daily face-to-face care to a person who, because of their advanced age, requires support but is still living in their own home.
  • A person caring for an adult with Down’s Syndrome.
  • A parent/foster parent caring for a young person who is receiving Personal Independence Payments (PIP) because of a severe neuro-disability.
  • Any adult providing supplementary unpaid care to an older person who is self funding their own care package, for example through a domiciliary care agency.
  • Two siblings who equally share and provide 24-hour care to an older person with dementia in addition to their own family and work commitments. If either sibling was to fall ill, the other would not be able to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the older person. Both siblings would be considered the primary carer.

Download the full guidance below, or visit the NHS website. Guidance for young carers can be found on page 6:

Our general guidance on vaccinations can be found here.