Join us in signing the Young Carers Pledge

Being a young carer can have a huge impact on wellbeing, education and life chances.

We have signed the #youngcarerspledge to ensure that all young carers can benefit from the rights that they have and get the support that they need and deserve.

Young Carers and Young Adult Carers Pledge Principles

  1. Every young carer should know and understand that they have legal rights and know how to access their rights
  2. No child or young person should be required to provide inappropriate or excessive levels of care which impacts on their health, wellbeing, education or development or childhood.
  3. Every local area should take proactive steps to identify the number of young carers in their area are and ensure they get the support they need.
  4. Every young adult carer should be supported to ensure they can make a successful transition into adult life.
  5. Every young carer should have someone within school, college or university who they can talk to about their caring situation or if they are in need of extra help.
  6. All schools should proactively seek to identify who their young carers are and whether they are in need of additional support.
  7. Every local authority should have an active Memorandum of Understanding to ensure children and adult social care services are working together to provide a whole-family approach to support for young carers and their families. These should also include health and other key stakeholders, including Voluntary, Community and Social enterprise (VCSE) organisations.
  8. Integrated health and social care boards/partnerships should be involving young carers and young adult carers in the planning of services. They should also make sure young carers and young adult carers are identified, consulted and linked into support by health professionals such as GPs, mental health staff and those involved in hospital discharge.

Individuals and organisations can find out more and sign the pledge here