Mindfulness day retreat for carers

On Saturday, 22nd June 2019, The Mindful Life charity is offering a day retreat at The Penny Brohn Centre in Bristol.

The Mindful Life team are committed to helping carers with their own wellbeing and resilience by offering simple but effective techniques to regain a sense of inner calm.

This one day retreat will focus on the following:
What is mindfulness and how can it benefit carers?
How to create opportunities for mindful moments in busy lives
Developing a practice that suits you
The value of self-care
Managing difficult emotions

There will also be three follow up group phone conversations. These are designed to re-connect the group, and support you with your ongoing practice. These calls are voluntary but most people find them helpful.

Snacks and lunch will be provided on the retreat day.

To book a place or for any questions email: info@mindfullife.co.uk