Support in GP practices

Remote GP support

You can still make an appointment through your GP practice to talk to a Carer Support Officer on the phone. Please note, not all GP practices offer this service. You can call CarersLine to check whether your GP practice offers this.

Be visible at your GP practice and join their carers register. Watch this video to find out why this is so important.

Carers surgeries

Please note: Some carers surgeries are currently suspended, due to Covid 19.

Carer surgeries are monthly one-to-one information, advice and support clinics for carers, provided by our Carers Support Officers. The GP practice provides the room and takes responsibility for identifying carers and booking them in for appointments. To find out more, please contact CarersLine by using the contact form, by phone on 0117 965 2200 or email at

A carers surgery appointment offers:

  • Support to access appropriate child or adult care services,
  • Carers assessments, which may result in a direct payment to take a break from caring,
  • A conversation about disability and carers benefits,
  • Emotional support and a chance to talk about how caring is affecting you,
  • Help to identify things that will help you and/or the person you care for,
  • Information about the Carers Emergency Card,
  • Referrals to a range of specialist organisations e.g. for help with applying for benefits, employment advice and counselling.

Download our Carers Liaison service leaflet