Health checks for carers over 75

Close Farm Surgery in North Common are offering a free health check to all carers aged over 75 registered with the practice. This innovative service has been set up through the work of our GP team following a presentation by the surgery’s Patient Participation Group.

Currently, carers who have no other regular health checks for existing medical conditions can request an annual health check if they are aged between 40 and 74. GP practices are funded to provide these checks to identify the early signs of illnesses developing, such as high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes.

Close Farm is now providing an additional health check service for carers over 75, paid for by the practice. Assistant Practice Manager Jennifer Lumsden told us, “The practice partners were very keen to build on the existing work we have undertaken for many years with Carers Support Centre and this seemed like a good way forward. Carers who have undergone the health check so far have appreciated the time they have had and that the practice is looking after them whilst they look after our patients.”

We hope to expand this model to other practices across Bristol & South Glos.