Huge boost for our Carer Wellbeing Support Services

Our Carers Wellbeing Support Services recognise the importance of carers looking after their own physical and mental health as well as those they care for.

Last year we asked carers to complete a survey about their health and wellbeing and their views on what our wellbeing services should look like. The results fed into our work to secure continued funding for our Counselling, and Befriending & Connection services. 

With the help of that feedback, we are excited to announce we have secured a further three years of funding for our Counselling Service and one year to develop a slightly different type of Befriending & Connection Service.

The counselling service will continue to be run remotely via Zoom or phone, although we will also be piloting a small amount of face-to-face counselling, acting on your feedback.

The Befriending & Connection Service service will have a slightly different look – this will be for carers aged 50 and over in South Gloucestershire and, in addition to providing befriending support, we will link carers into other community-based support and ‘match’ carers together when the service ends, for ongoing peer support.

Our Counselling, and Befriending & Connection services will complement our existing Walk and Talk service, providing holistic wellbeing support for carers in Bristol and South Gloucestershire to improve their physical and mental health.