About our charity

  • We will support carers’ emotional, physical and financial health and wellbeing, building their resilience and confidence.
  • We will listen to and amplify carers’ voices, enabling them to have a strong and independent influence on policy and services.
  • We will support carers to be free from inappropriate levels of care and able to live a life of their own.
  • We will raise awareness of carers and the issues they face, leading to communities and organisations where carers feel recognised, welcome and supported.
  • Co-producing– We will be led by carers’ needs involving them in service planning and development and encouraging other organisations to do the same.
  • Learning – We will constantly review and refine our services, developing and sharing good practice.
  • Collaborative and connected – We will be collaborative in our approach to supporting carers, working closely with partner organisations and communities to provide holistic, sustainable support.
  • Empowering – We will be enabling in our approach to supporting carers, building resilience and confidence, empowering them to achieve their own goals.
  • Valuing people – We will treat staff, volunteers and those we work with, with respect and kindness, valuing diversity and the contribution they make.

Our range of services includes:

How are we doing in supporting the unpaid carers of Bristol and South Gloucestershire

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